Population (2021)13,649
Median age of the population42.5
Total number of census families in private households - 100% data3,810
Total - Private households by tenure - 25% sample data5,415
Average value of dwellings ($)310,933
Average total income in 2020 among recipients ($)$52,800
Average total income of households in 2020 ($)$96,933
Secondary (high) school diploma or equivalency certificate3,615
Postsecondary certificate, diploma or degree4,945
Apprenticeship or trades certificate or diploma1,365
College, CEGEP or other non-university certificate or diploma1,885
University certificate or diploma below bachelor level315
University certificate, diploma or degree at bachelor level or above95
In the labour force6,870
Legislative and Senior Management occupations50
Business, finance and administration occupations770
Natural and applied sciences and related occupations155
Health occupations555
Occupations in education, law and social, community and government services1,030
Occupations in art, culture, recreation and sport105
Sales and service occupations1,400
Trades, transport and equipment operators and related occupations1,575
Natural resources, agriculture and related production occupations920
Occupations in manufacturing and utilities190
Source: 2021 Statistics Canada Census