County of St. Paul

Oil and natural gas exploration and extraction are the major natural resource industries in the County of St. Paul. Other natural resources that are being extracted are salt by the Canadian Salt Company, peat moss by Lakeland Peat Moss Processors, timber from private and public lands, and gravel. Agriculture is another main industry in the County, with 680 farms producing everything from grain and specialty crops to domestic and specialty livestock. The area is an ideal destination for the outdoorsman with its wealth of provincial and municipal campgrounds. The advantages of living in the County include country living with access to excellent services for education, medical and social programs. The County of St. Paul also boasts a strong people orientated community with various events, festivals and activities all throughout the year.

Town of St. Paul

With a population of over 5,800, the Town of St. Paul is a major trading center for 35,000 people. St. Paul’s economic base is the rich agricultural land that surrounds the town, supplemented by the oil and gas industry. With ample commercial and industrial land available, businesses and industry will find St. Paul an ideal town to build their new venture or expand their present business. Residential land is also reasonably priced, attracting first home buyers and retirees to our community. The Town is located on Highway 29 and is surrounded by a large number of lakes and campgrounds, which is an advantage for retailers and other businesses. The Town of St. Paul offers all the amenities of excellent living: secondary and post-secondary education, medical/dental services, acute/auxiliary hospital, nursing home, seniors housing, seniors drop-in centres, and numerous sports and recreational centres including a swimming pool and two golf courses.

Town of Elk Point

Located approximately two hours northeast of Edmonton, Elk Point is situated in some of the most beautiful scenery in Alberta. Along with that, we offer career and business opportunities resulting from the oil and gas, agriculture, manufacturing, retail and tourism industries. Elk Point is poised for new investment. The business-driven Town Council is ready and looking for new opportunities to expand and grow the Town’s economic base. Elk Point has four primary industries with oil and gas extraction and related industry services being prominent contributors to the Town’s growth. Construction, manufacturing, and transportation logistics also play a strong role in supporting the energy sector as well as growing non-energy products and services. Elk Point is the ideal place to raise a family because of our excellent housing, educational, healthcare and recreational opportunities. We invite you to visit us and see the beauty of our lakes and rolling hills.

Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay

The Summer Village of Horseshoe Bay is located at the north west end of Vincent Lake, approximately 20 km north of St. Paul, Alberta. It was incorporated as a Summer Village on January 1, 1985 and is governed by 3 elected individuals; a mayor, a deputy mayor and one councilor. Municipal elections are held in July every four years. Day to day operations are handled by a Chief Administrative Officer. There are 145 residential lots in the Village.

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